In Gratallops, at nr. 28 in the "Carrer Valls" street you'll find an old wooden gate leading to a large terrace on a roof from where you have a breathtaking panoramic view over the Priorat hills and mountains. Here it was that we decided to change the old house (mentioned above) into a wine cellar.
The building has got three floors as follows:
This arrangement makes it possible to work by using "natural gravity" so that we needn't often use mechanical pumps.This saves our wines from unwanted oxidation through unnecessary acceleration.
The original stone walls offer ideal conditions for humidity and the stability of temperature in the cellar which has been carved into the rocks on which Gratallops was built.
.La architectura original fue conservada y respetada adaptando el suelo para los trabajos de bodega, hemos conseguido de esta manera guardar el espiritu original de la casas y bodega antiguas.

The wine production process:
•The grapes are selected by hand on a sorting table and carefully processed by a small machine.
•The thus acquired grape juice gets onto the lower floor where it starts to ferment in three different possible tanks : open wooden barrels, inos tanks of 500/1000 liters or PVC tanks of 300/500 and 1000 liters. After the alcoolic fermentation takes place the maceration in 3 to 4 weeks' time.
•At last the wine is filled into oak barrels of 225 liters in the cellar where it reaches maturity within 18 months.

Celler de l’Abadia • Carrer de la Font 38 •APARTAT DE CORREUS 12 • 43737 Gratallops • Tarragona • ESPAÑA
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